Remy Faint is an emerging artist based on Gadigal-land, Sydney. His practice is motivated by the desire to expand languages of painterly abstraction by examining its global histories. While often referencing collection-based objects and materials specific to his Chinese heritage — his works mediate cross-cultural and material frameworks to explore themes surrounding exchange, visibility and hybridised artistic production. For example, the form of the folding screen is cited as both a spatial tool and transcultural motif in various installation works. The earliest instances of folding screens existed in the Han dynasty in ancient China, dating as early as the 4th century BCE. While Faint often reinstates the screen’s historical function as a barrier, divider or structural device, this cultural referencing coincides with physical acts of assembling, repurposing and combining various materials in his studio.

Remy has recently graduated from UNSW Art and Design, receiving Class 1 Honours. He has exhibited consistently both in Sydney and interstate, including at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts [PICA], Cement Fondu, UNSW Galleries, Gosford Regional Gallery, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Chongqing), ADSpace, Mothership Studios, Sheffer Gallery, Comber Street Studios and Kudos Gallery. Remy was curated into the national graduate exhibition Hatched, at PICA in 2022 where he received the inaugural Schenberg Art High Commendation Award. He was also selected to undertake a one-month residency at PICA in May, 2022. Remy was the winner of the 2023 Gosford Art Prize and has been a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize, the Jenny Birt Painting Prize, Kudos Emerging Artist Award and was a studio resident at the City of Sydney Creative Studios, Bathurst Street. He recently presented his first solo exhibition at Cement Fondu in the Project Space with his exhibition The Library and the Cave, in June 2023. In addition to his art practice, Remy is also currently a Casual Academic at UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture. 

Studio Portrait, 2023

Artist-in-Residence studio, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Photograph: Miles Noel Photography

Studio portrait, City of Sydney Creative Studios, Bathurst Street, 2022